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 Desert Tan Rifle Stock Finish

All Rifle Stocks Can Be Ordered In Any Of These Colors And Finishes

Bell and Carlson has been extremely busy as have other firearm equipment related manufactures.  
To be assured of receiving your stock before hunting season you might want to order now.

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The SmartStock tm  (Stock Mounted Adjustable Rifle Tuner) is an integration of the patented adjustable rifle barrel harmonic tuning system formerly known as the Accurizer,  into either a new Bell and Carlson stock or into  your present compatible* rifle stock.  

Using this rifle barrel tuner in various makes and calibers of hunting, tactical, and varmint rifles we have obtained consistent 100 yard 3 shot groups measuring one half to one quarter inch or less.  This allows you to achieve equal to, or better than average custom rifle accuracy  without spending perhaps thousands of dollars for a custom hunting, varmint or sniper rifle.

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All Bell and Carlson gunstocks can be ordered in any of the durable finishes listed on the following pages. Additionally, all stocks come with a premium recoil pad and sling swivel studs. A Pachmayr ® Decelerator® recoil pad is standard on some models and optional on others. The quality of these rifle stocks will make it very difficult to choose any other. Moisture, temperature, recoil energy and repeated firings are all big enemies of even the best wood stocks, and killers of accuracy. Bell and Carlson stocks are constructed using hybrid composite materials and proprietary manufacturing techniques which can eliminate those problems. Glass bedding, though not necessary, is optional, as well as pillar bedding and a full aluminum bedding  on the Medalist line of rifle stocks.  If you are going to bed your action in a Bell and Carlson stock or any of the other gun stocks, be sure to follow the bedding material manufactures instructions carefully. Bell and Carlson will not be responsible for any damage to their gun stocks caused by a customers attempt to remove the action from the stock after the bedding material has set up. Procedures for the proper application of a release agent to the action and other rifle parts prior to their contact with the bedding material that has been applied to the stock must be followed to the letter. If you are not sure how properly bed your gun stock, contact a qualified professional before proceeding. All Bell and Carlson stocks are shipped directly from the factory as they are finished.  Delivery can vary depending on the number of orders being processed by them at any given time.

The weight of Bell & Carlson gun stocks vary due to the large variety of models and sizes. Most one piece hunting models weigh about 2 to 2.25 pounds. Tactical and one piece Varmint models range from 3 to 4.5 pounds. 10/22 models are less than 2 pounds. Two piece models weigh about 2 pounds.

Bell and Carlson stocks are reliable over a temperature range of -50ºF to + 150ºF. All stocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

We are an authorized dealer for Bell and Carlson Rifle Stocks, the gun stocks that we offer by Bell and Carlson are the Medalist Rifle Stocks, Bell and Carlson Carbelite Rifle Stocks, Bell and Carlson Thumbhole Rifle Stocks, Bell and Carlson Two Piece Rifle Stocks. If you are looking for a fiberglass rifle stock, composite rifle stock, carbon fiber rifle stocks, varmint rifle stock, deer rifle stock, or elk rifle stock, we have a gunstock for you. Our colors include, Black  as standard and various Camo Rifle Stocks, plus we supply replacement rifle stocks for most rifles. Including: Remington, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby, Ruger, Mauser 98, Mauser 96, Interarms Mk X, Sako, Springfield, Mossberg, Smith and Wesson, Howa, Enfield, Browning rifle,10/22's , and Mini 14. If you looking for a Bell and Carlson Medalist gun stock, Bell and Carlson Carbelite gunstock, Bell and Carlson Thumbhole gun stock, Bell and Carlson Two Piece gun Stock, most are available from us. You can find fiberglass gun stocks, composite gunstocks, carbon fiber gunstocks.  Bell and Carlson stocks are able to be ordered in numerous finishes.  These include Camo gun stocks, plus replacement gun stocks for most rifle actions.  They make gun stocks for Remington, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby, Ruger, Mauser 98, Mauser 96, Interarms Mk X, Sako, Springfield, Mossberg, Smith and Wesson, Howa, Enfield, Browning rifle,10/22's , and Mini 14.. Whether you use your rifle for Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting, Varmint Hunting, Sheep Hunting, Bear Hunting, or just use it for Target Shooting, you will be satisfied with any of these excellent gun stocks.