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Due to health problems we are no longer offering Bell and Carlson stocks.  We wish to thank all of our past loyal customers who have ordered custom stocks from us since 2005, you will be missed.

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The SmartStock Accuracy System



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The SmartStock tm  (Stock Mounted Adjustable Rifle Tuner) is an integration of the patented adjustable rifle barrel harmonic tuning system formerly known as the Accurizer,  into either a new Bell and Carlson stock or into  your present compatible* rifle stock.  

Using this rifle barrel tuner in various makes and calibers of hunting, tactical, and varmint rifles we have obtained consistent 100 yard 3 shot groups measuring one half to one quarter inch or less.  This allows you to achieve equal to, or better than average custom rifle accuracy  without spending perhaps thousands of dollars for a custom hunting, varmint or sniper rifle.

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